Was ist Kommunismus?

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Diese Frage habe ich mir schon oft gestellt seit ich in China lebe. Denn was ich hier tagtaeglich erlebe, deckt sich so ueberhaupt nicht mit meinen Vorstellungen von Kommunismus. Eher im Gegenteil…

Aber vielleicht sind meine Vorstellungen ja auch schlichtweg falsch.

Ich freue mich daher, dass Doing Business in China der Frage einmal nachgegangen ist und zwar direkt an die gerichtet, die es wissen sollten. Eigentlich.

Oasis: Liam ĂĽber China

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Gerade sind die beiden China Konzerte von Oasis abgesagt worden, da erscheint auf cityweekend.com.cn ein Interview mit Liam Gallagher, Leadsaenger der Band. Aufgezeichnet wurde das Gespraech allerdings vor der Absage. Und nach Lesen des sehr unterhaltsamen Interviews scheint zumindest gesichert, dass die Band nicht besonders politisch eingestellt ist…

Hier ein paar Auszuege:


CW: This is going to be your first tour in China, is there anything special you want to see out here?

Liam: Just the people man, I wanna see the people, that’s all I care about man.

CW: Are you going to have time?

Liam: If, If, I hope so, if I get the day off I’ll have a walk around and see the people and see the city or wherever we are and, hopefully man, but I just want to see the people. That’s, a building’s a building, isn’t it?

CW: It sure is. And a wall’s a wall …

Liam: Do you know what I mean? So, a park’s a park, but people … I just want to see the people.


CW: Oasis is bigger than almost anything in China, and has defined so much of the music that’s come out of here for the past decade and a half. I’m curious, what do you think of the idea of 1.3 billion people learning English to the lyrics of “Love Like A Bomb”?

Liam: What, who’s done that?

CW: Hahaha, The Chinese nation.

Liam: What they like that, they like that song, do they?

CW: Well, all Oasis songs are pretty popular here, and, you know, people quote Oasis to me and always try to impress me with …

Liam: Of course man, well, that’s beautiful, you know what I mean? That’s what I’m in a band for, you know what I mean? To touch people on the other side of the world, you know what I mean? And also touch people who are stood right in front of you, but, yeah it’s cool man, I down with it mate.

CW: Is anything pulling you to China right now? Is there any special attraction?

Liam: Any special attraction? Just the kids, man. They’re into our music really. I don’t know much about the country, and that so, I’ll just a have to wait and see. But, if people aim to come and see us, then I’m all over it man, then we’ll, we’ll get down there and do what we can and to make them have a good time.

CW: Eh, you’ve said, “Oasis is bigger than the Beatles” and eh that’s maybe…

Liam: Nah, nah, nah, nah, I’ve never said that mate, I never, I’m not that daft, I reckon that’s sounds like our kid.

CW: Ha. Is Oasis bigger than Mao Ze Dong?

Liam: Than who?

CW: Than Mao Ze Dong, the Chinese leader for forty years …

Liam: Who is Mao Ze Dong? I’ve never heard of him. Who is he?

CW: Er, I’ve never heard of him either … mmm … moving on, I’m curious about…

Liam: We’ve probably made more records than him, right?

CW: At least five …

Liam: Well, there you go.


Das komplette Interview (inklusive MP3 Podcast) gibt es auf www.cityweekend.com.cn.